Combating discrimination on Airbnb

Since 2016, we've removed 1.5M people from Airbnb for declining to treat others without judgement or bias. But discrimination still happens, so we're introducing some new ways to fight it.

Project Lighthouse: finding & fighting discrimination on Airbnb

Project Lighthouse is a groundbreaking initiative we're launching in the United States to uncover, measure, and overcome discrimination when booking or hosting on Airbnb.

Built to uncover discrimination

This project will address discrimination that's based on perception—and on Airbnb, people perceive race from things like first names and profile photos. Together, with civil rights organizations like Color Of Change and Upturn, we're beginning with research to understand when and where racial discrimination happens on our platform and the effectiveness of policies that fight it. Learn more

Designed with privacy in mind

We worked with leading privacy organizations like the Center for Democracy & Technology to understand the best methods for privacy protection so we can make sure your information stays safe. We analyze trends in bulk, and Airbnb won't associate perceived race information with specific accounts. Learn more

What we’ve done so far

We know that addressing discrimination requires ongoing attention and care to make sure we get things right. Here are some of the other actions we’ve taken—and what you can expect more of in the future.

Non-discrimination Policy

Everyone who uses Airbnb must agree to our Community Commitment and Non-discrimination Policy. If you’ve experienced discrimination, we’ll investigate the issue, take action, and if needed, help you find another place to stay.

Profile photo protections

We all have bias. But companies like Airbnb can do more to create tools that help prevent people from making biased decisions. That’s why guests’ profile photos aren’t displayed to hosts until after a booking is confirmed, which encourages more objective decision making by hosts.

Objective bookings

Instant Book allows a listing to be booked immediately, making the process easier for hosts and ensuring the process is objective for guests. Millions of listings can be booked this way, with more being added all the time.

Dedicated anti-discrimination team

Airbnb has a specialized team dedicated to making changes to our platform that help prevent and address discrimination, including development of initiatives like Project Lighthouse and profile photo protections.

We’re not alone in this

We’ve consulted and partnered with civil rights and privacy organizations to make sure we’re battling discrimination thoughtfully and with the support of others engaged in this work.

Ways to get involved beyond our community

Donate to the movement

If you can, consider financially supporting the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

Support Color Of Change

Visit to join and donate to the movement.

Participate in Blackout Day

On July 7th, only spend money at Black-owned businesses.

And more...

Read the antiracism resources from our Black employee resource group, Black@Airbnb.